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Did you know the average person GAINS 8-10 pounds during the Holidays?!?!  Here are some tips on avoiding the weight gain:

 Stock pile 40% of your plate with Veggies!!

Just to name a few:

- Leafy Greens

- Cabbage

- Peppers

- Broccoli

- Spinach

- Kale

- Asparagus

- Eggplant

- Zucchini 

Use your fist size to determine the serving and try to Eat 5-7 servings a day!!


The answer is probably not.

The question?  Are you ever going to get around to cleaning the garage?!!!!

No worries- we can take care of that so it can finally be off your to do list! 

As an early surprise Father's Day gift, this client left for work with his garage looking like this:

And came home to this:

Imagine coming home to that!  

This dad works hard, loves spending time with his family and also enjoys getting outdoors.  When he does have a few minutes to spare, the last thing he wants to do is clean up the garage.  

With Father's Day just around the corner, why not give Dad "The Gift of Time?"  We are happy to take care of something he always intends to do, but never actually gets around to doing. 

Call us at 920-540-7501 or 920-428-4208 to schedule the perfect Father's Day gift (which lets be honest, would also be a gift to yourself since you also get to come home to a clean and organized garage!).

Daily Details Concierge LLC  BBB Business Review

"Absolutley flawless service!! Excellent prices, service and their communication is beyond reproach! I could not recommend these ladies strongly enough for all your pickup and shipping needs. I will never shy away from a local pickup only online auction in Appleton as I feel I have a trusted friend, nay, family there. Thank you again, I am truly deeply satisfied with my experience and I'm the guy that finds something to complain about on everything!"

- Tym F. 

"I am floored beyond belief... It's like you took all the "pieces of me" that were important, listened and understood what I wanted.  It is absolutley perfect, not a thing I would change. I am astounded. Thank you very much.  Seriously, this is downright unbelieveable.  Words can not even describe it. I am sitting here just overwhelmned.  I have to say one more time that "thank you" is not good enough.  You and whoever who helped= are amazing"

- Mike K.
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