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Did you know the average person GAINS 8-10 pounds during the Holidays?!?!  Here are some tips on avoiding the weight gain:

 Stock pile 40% of your plate with Veggies!!

Just to name a few:

- Leafy Greens

- Cabbage

- Peppers

- Broccoli

- Spinach

- Kale

- Asparagus

- Eggplant

- Zucchini 

Use your fist size to determine the serving and try to Eat 5-7 servings a day!!


Being someone who loves organization, I somehow looked over this big contradiction in our basement:

Maybe this doesn't look all that bad- most everything is in boxes on shelves, but in reality- I don't even know what most of this stuff is! Why do we have shelves worth of stuff that we don't use?  

Let me back up to where most of this unknown stuff origininated from.  Years ago I moved into the house my husband owned-which was great- he had a housefulll of stuff already so we didn't need to buy anthing. But, we still did and we had to make room for my stuff so a lot of duplicate and unwanted items ended up in the basement.   Out of sight out of mind. Then we moved.  Nothing like moving to make you realize how much stuff you have!  Since moving is hard enough, instead of going through everything and getting rid of what we didn't want, we just boxed it all up. We'd have more time to deal with that later right?  Nope- life happens and there is always something else to do than go though boxes of random old stuff.  

Since living in our new house and are now more settled now, I realized it has been over a year since the stuff in these boxes have seen daylight.  I like to think that we're like most people: we like stuff and like to buy new things.  So, the old goes in boxes to make room for the new.  Repeat, repeat, repeat = shelves full of boxes of who knows what.  If we haven't used this stuff (or even know what the stuff is!) in over a year- is it really worth hanging onto?  As scary as it seems, I'm ready to open boxes and part ways with whatever it is inside. 

My game plan:

Are we really ( I mean REALLY) going to use this?  If yes, then when?  If I can't define when, then it goes. 

Even if I still like it, would it serve a better purpose for someone else rather than being in a box?  If yes, then it goes.

This is the hard part: Does it have any sentimental value? If yes, what and why?  Do I need this for the memory?  Can I take a picture of this item and get the same satisfaction?  Example: Grade school report cards-  instead of keeping them all, scan them or take a picture and create a digital memory book.  If you are a paper person, a printed photo album from somewhere like Shutterfly is a great option.   

 Here is the result:

Not too bad for my first minimalist attempt.  I still have a few things to go through- pink tote is stuff from when I was little and the green tote is my husbands.  I plan to make Shutterfly albums of the stuff inside so we can have 2 small books instead of 2 big totes to store.  

Now it's your turn! I would love to hear about your experience and see your before and after pictures! #DailyDetailsWI or email us at [email protected]



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- Mike K.
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