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Did you know the average person GAINS 8-10 pounds during the Holidays?!?!  Here are some tips on avoiding the weight gain:

 Stock pile 40% of your plate with Veggies!!

Just to name a few:

- Leafy Greens

- Cabbage

- Peppers

- Broccoli

- Spinach

- Kale

- Asparagus

- Eggplant

- Zucchini 

Use your fist size to determine the serving and try to Eat 5-7 servings a day!!


With all the preparations we make in our day to day lives, we often avoid thinking about preparations for when we must leave this earth.  It’s a hard concept to deal with, but planning ahead can make us feel like we are taking care of our family even after we are no longer with them.  

We tend to forget about the enormous amount of items we have collected throughout our lifetime in our homes- not to mention anything that we put away in storage.   With love and thoughtfulness we fill our homes with things that make us happy either with our own personalities or for sentimental reasons. 

You often hear about a parent or loved one passing away leaving their possessions to be dealt with by their family in a limited amount of time.  This is a difficult task for many reasons, the time crunch, what to do with everything, the sentimental attachment…   All completely normal and understandable.

Family is our most important treasure and taking care of them makes us feel loved and needed.   Instead of leaving this difficult task to family members when they are grieving, de-cluttering and organizing can help relieve them of this burden.   A professional cleaner and organizer can help you decide what you would like to pass on to family and friends, donate or sell. Some can even deliver your items for you to a donation center or consignment store to be sold for you.

With your family in mind, preparing for the future is one gift that can help with the grieving process even after you can no longer be with them. 

Are you getting ready for the most amazing day of your life?  Your wedding is the one day in your life  you can be completely selfish and honestly say that it is all about you.  When else are you surrounded only by friends and family that you know and love?

If you have a lot of ideas of how you want your wedding day to be, but are not sure where to begin or how to accomplish your vision- a wedding planner can ease the stress of not only the planning, but with day of assistance as well.  You shouldn’t have to worry about a thing -let alone pay the dinner bill,  make sure your toss bouquet is readily available to be thrown, does anyone have a safety pin?! …  just to name a few.

Wedding planners and concierges are pretty creative and inventive so they are able to step outside of the cookie cutter wedding box and create a one of a kind day according to your style.  Unique touches can make the day extra special and create an environment that you can look back at and say, yes, our wedding matched our personality and style perfectly.

If you are a hands on bride and like to participate in the creative process you will need to make sure that your concierge is welcome to this and are excited to work with you along the way.  If you prefer to sit back and just enjoy the finished product- make sure that your concierge feels comfortable with this and that they clearly understand your perfect wedding day vision. 

No vision for your wedding day?  Who can blame you! There are hundreds of magazines, websites, Pinterest pictures and options to choose from.  A wedding concierge will be able to maneuver the way through all the options to create a concept with you. 

A wedding day concierge will be your day of personal assistant to be at your side throughout the day taking care of the details that you should be blissfully unaware of.   Let your wedding day be as special as your love is and not anything less than the best day of your life.  

Daily Details Concierge, LLC 1/30/2014

We had a fun job yesterday, where we were able to help a client out tremendously!  She is selling a farm house that they cleaned out, painted, re covered some flooring and much much more.  She has a renter coming in while she sells the house so once all of the hard work they put into the house came to an end she was in need of some pictures to post with the sale of the Farm/house!  She called Daily Details Concierge, LLC to stage the house and take pictures and take back the staging in the same day!  What fun!  Decorating, pictures and take down!  See some of the attached photo's of the staging!

Daily Details Concierge, LLC would love to help you also!  If you are selling your home and are in need of help give us a call!  Daily Details Concierge, LLC can help you from start to finish we can:


  • clean
  • paint
  • organize
  • de-clutter
  • stage with your furniture or bring in furniture
  • run to your house if your realtor calls at the last minute and wants to show your house
  • take your pets for a showing or an open house
  • put an apple pie in the oven to make the house shoppers feel welcome
  • check on your realtor to make sure they are welcoming when house shoppers in a timely fashion and making them feel welcome 
  • packing and moving services 


  • Gift Certificates for buyers or sellers
  • running for paperwork, last minute items
  • office work
  • putting up signs and taking down
  • staging

The following pictures are from Denmark, WI


14 - 314 - 3314 - 23

14 - 514 - 714 - 16

Daily Details Concierge, LLC has been blessed with the best clients! We hear often from our clients as we are about to step into their house "please don't judge me", "I'm not sure how you can help me" and our response is always the same nomatter how bad it is "we are not here to judge you we are here to help organize your life!"

Daily Details Concierge, LLC is trained in walking into the unknown! We walk in and as the client shows us what they want help with we start planning the best plan of action. We also feel it is very important to find out about our clients what is important to them and what will really help them. Each object in their house is there for a reason and tells us a very special story about who they are and where they came from!

Please give us a call today and let us help organize your life!
920-540-7501 or 920-428-4208

Amanda Jones, a real estate agent from San Francisco, toured her house one day last month and counted the number of people she was paying to take care of her. There were seven.

April, the dog walker, was in the kitchen picking up Speedy and Willis – Jones’s miniature dachshunds — for their $35 walk. Up in the master bedroom, Christina, Jones’s $50 an hour closet organizer was strategizing with Jackie, her $200 an hour personal stylist, about what to buy at the Container Store (Jackie’s assistant was there, too, built into the hourly rate).

Read more: The Help: Concierge Services Get Hyper-Personal

Daily Details Concierge LLC  BBB Business Review

"Absolutley flawless service!! Excellent prices, service and their communication is beyond reproach! I could not recommend these ladies strongly enough for all your pickup and shipping needs. I will never shy away from a local pickup only online auction in Appleton as I feel I have a trusted friend, nay, family there. Thank you again, I am truly deeply satisfied with my experience and I'm the guy that finds something to complain about on everything!"

- Tym F. 

"I am floored beyond belief... It's like you took all the "pieces of me" that were important, listened and understood what I wanted.  It is absolutley perfect, not a thing I would change. I am astounded. Thank you very much.  Seriously, this is downright unbelieveable.  Words can not even describe it. I am sitting here just overwhelmned.  I have to say one more time that "thank you" is not good enough.  You and whoever who helped= are amazing"

- Mike K.
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