We charge a standard flat rate fee for simplicity of our clients regardless of the errand.  Our hourly rate is $35.00.

Fees are calculated in 15 minute increments.

Price quotes are given for organizing and cleaning jobs. 

Travel time is charged after 15 minutes of travel, we do not charge for the mileage.

Hourly rate does not include the cost of items purchased.

Services completed on holidays are at an increased rate. 

We reserve the right to refuse service requests deemed questionable.

Cancellation fee of $35.00 if we are not given 24-hour notice or if we are unable to gain access to client's residence or business to complete service request.

Specials and discounts only applied if asked for and can not be combined with any other discounted prices.

Daily Details Concierge LLC  BBB Business Review

"Absolutley flawless service!! Excellent prices, service and their communication is beyond reproach! I could not recommend these ladies strongly enough for all your pickup and shipping needs. I will never shy away from a local pickup only online auction in Appleton as I feel I have a trusted friend, nay, family there. Thank you again, I am truly deeply satisfied with my experience and I'm the guy that finds something to complain about on everything!"

- Tym F. 

"I am floored beyond belief... It's like you took all the "pieces of me" that were important, listened and understood what I wanted.  It is absolutley perfect, not a thing I would change. I am astounded. Thank you very much.  Seriously, this is downright unbelieveable.  Words can not even describe it. I am sitting here just overwhelmned.  I have to say one more time that "thank you" is not good enough.  You and whoever who helped= are amazing"

- Mike K.
Apartment Redecorating


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